The eternity. Myths, legends, atmospheres and landscapes ... Clotilde Bolognesi, talented jewelry designer, carries in his heart a world visionary, poetic and timeless that can translate into jewelry that they tell a story owing thanks her remarkable artistic sensibility.

Her beautiful creations are not only jewels to be worn to enhance a refined look because they reflect almost the homeric verse “Tell me oh Diva...” so  rather than jewels they are are authentic muses that inspire the observer with faraway sensations and atmospheres, after all, never lost. It suffice to say that some of her creations are decorated with some latin inscriptions, especially apotropaic, written by the ancient poet Virgil.

Cultured and refined woman, she is an honorary fellow of the Beauty and Well Done, always in love with the superior craftsmanship: every creation is carried out personally by hand, with authentic stones, 925 Silver, gold 9 and 18 carats.

Born in Rome, now living on the Island of Capri, her deep love for history and, in particular, for the great myths of ancient Rome, which have always fascinated and forged her own aesthetic vision of jewellery understood as a form of art and culture, has become even more powerful and sophisticated. Hence the idea of creating eclectic and imaginative jewelry dedicated to the extraordinary charme of the Gods of Olympus.

To give this Pantheon a new voice, the Clotilde Bolognesi's voice that with her jewelry makes herself a narrator, romanticizing this amazing history, thanks to hersavoir faire and a high skilful artisan technique. She is a contemporary storyteller of timeless myths that they will sunset not ever

If Bacchus was the God of wine and grape harvest with orgiastic worship of Bacchanalian parties dedicated to him, Juno was the goddess of marriage and childbirth and wife of Jupiter, the God of all gods. The ecstasy, the miracle of birth and absolute power: on these three themes Clotilde Bolognesi play by choosing three mythological figures that we can find in human beings and in human events in the generations that have occurred over time.

Absolutely remarkable and unique in their kind collections "Jupiter and Juno" and "Bacchus and Bacchantes" where the cult piece is "the triumph of Bacchus"

(a bracelet consisting of a singular lava rectangle flanked by two drops of iridescent quartz Topaz).

But how not to mention, always in the same original collection, not just "Bacchus", the silver ring 925 in lava grey with two drops of garnet to the outer sides and internal sides two citrine cabochon and depicting a young Bacchus that toast with a small satyr behind him, but especially the enchanting earrings "Le Baccanti" with engraved, with the same delicacy and poetry of a cameo, these very sensual women that made up and revive with their group the procession of Bacchus?). The collection "Jupiter and Juno" is a gemstone consisting of earrings, bracelet and ring. If the cuff "Deus in love", sexy and charming, bears an engraving in lava grey with Jupiter and Juno that make the love in the marriage bed, cult piece of this special collection is the "Eros" ring, realized in grey lava and where the God of love is portrayed by Clotilde Bolognesi in the moment is to pierce the heart of a woman with his fateful arrow.

On one side the ring has the same woman earrings belonging to the collection "Jupiter and Juno" (made of Silver 925 and lava grey with two black diamonds, represent Jupiter and Juno) but this time with a bracelet in gold 18 carats. On the other side the ring "Eros" presents a shimmering coral salmon heart with, just in the middle, a black diamond.

Eros and Tanatos dance together in this creation where in the inside we find both the word "Eros" perforated, with embedded a ruby in the letter "O" and either a snake with eyes realized with two black diamonds

There are so many ways to tell a myth and Clotilde Bolognesi has certainly found her way, very personal and original, with which she is able to hit with style and grace to the imagination of the observer.

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